Thomas Pinington

Thomas was appointed the Managing Director of Pinington in 2017, due to the untimely passing of Mark Ayrton the MD of the company at the time. His role within the company has changed over the years, having initially started the Electrical side of the business during the early 2000s and eventually being appointed Services Director in 2007 following his father retirement.

His ability to adapt to new challenges has seen the company succeed in recent years, having overseen the restructuring of Pinington in 2018 to enable the growth and security of the company that was founded by his grandfather, Victor Ellis, in 1948. As the long history is something that holds high importance to Tom, with the family extended to those who have joined recently, breathing new life into the business. Having started his career as an apprentice electrician and progressing through the ranks, meant learning from those around him and this is the all-round work ethic that can only breed success and promote a healthy place of work.