Recycling With The Next Generation

Pinington were delighted to be in a position to help local school St Chads Catholic Primary School after a campaign from the students to improve and advance the in school recycling programme.

As part of St Chads Live Simply Award, it meant they were now in a position to recycle plastic. The school were then provided 4nr larger blue plastic recycling bins however needed some smaller bins in each classroom and generally around the school to transport the plastic recycling to the large council bins outside the school.

It was at this point that Pinington Limited got involved and donated smaller recycling bins to the school to ensure that each class and in communal areas had the facility to recycle within the school. The bins were then presented to the school and it was amazing to see and hear how passionate the students were about recycling and how determined and purposeful they had been in campaigning for further recycling at the school.

Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Wright said “Thank you again for supporting school and donating these bins, the children were over the moon (as are we) but they are the ones who campaigned for plastic recycling at school and it means the world to them! The children were so proud to be able to make their way around school and present each class with their bin…all thanks to you and your generous donation! “

As a company we were only to happy to help and it was so rewarding hearing how passionate the next generation are about recycling and caring for the environment keep up the good work!