Pinington Limited Covid-19 update 31st March 2020

Pinington Limited response to Coronavirus outbreak in the UK 31st March 2020

The Directors of the company and head office staff are all operating remotely from their homes,
with limited time attending the office to ensure the management of the company remains

Non-essential meetings will be postponed or where possible carried out by telephone or video
conferencing. Where face to face meeting are unavoidable, we will adhere to government
guidelines regarding hygiene and distancing.

We have actioned measures that will help limit the disruption to services whilst protecting our
employees, subcontractors, suppliers, customers and communities that we operate within, should
the spread of the coronavirus continue.

Please find below action that has already been taken by the company:

An action plan was put in place following advice from the NHS and the Public Health England on
the hand sanitation program and awareness. Employees issued with regular updates, along with
washing facilities and posters displayed on site.

Social Distancing, Hand Washing and Respiratory Hygiene based on current guidance from the UK
Government at 24th March 2020 and is subject to change as the pandemic situation progresses.
This involves keeping a minimum of 2m apart from other people (who are not from your
household), Washing hands frequently and wiping down all surfaces.

Self-isolation guidelines from the Government have been strictly followed and our plan is ready to
change to include any advice or measures that are put in place to mitigate the effects of the virus.

Engaging with our supply chain to measure the impact the coronavirus is having on their everyday
activities to ensue the service is upheld and strategies have been put in place to ensure a
consistent service is provided to our customers.

For and on behalf of the Directors

Tom Pinington
Managing Director
Pinington Limited