Pinington – 75 years trading in Lancaster

Pinington through the decades in Lancaster! The plumbing business was started by Victor Ellis Pinington from his own home on 31 Vale Road with nothing more than his push bike and copper pipe strapped to his back, and we have the accident book to prove it from 1948, talk about keeping good records! As the company grew it moved to Captains Row in the 50’s as pictured with the historic sign board, I would have loved to have seen how they installed it back then! In the 1960’s the building was demolished to make way for an accommodation block, so we moved to Aldrens Lane and have been there ever since. Victor is photographed outside in the 70’s with a new purchase from Continental Cars next door. By the 1980’s the company had been passed to the next generation of his two sons Brian and David Pinington, and had grown into the biggest mechanical and plumbing business in the area. The sign written fleet of vans grew and the lads are snapped taking a well-earned break at the newsagents on Greta Place in the mid 80’s. We still have a way to go to get though our 75 year history so keep following as we enjoy to share our story with everyone.