Westmorland General Hospital Theatres 1, 4 & 5 Project Steel Frame Fully Erected

On Pinington Limited’s latest flagship project at Westmorland General Hospital, the construction of 3 new operating theatres the project has hit a milestone moment that the steel frame is now fully erected.


The erection of the steel frame undertaken by HR Steelwork https://www.hrsteelwork.com/  has been meticulously planned with various stakeholders and has not been without its troubles. The main issues encountered were ensuring no lifting was undertaken over live areas, the site constraints and laydown area being extremely small meaning multiple deliveries coupled with working through 2 designated Met Office storms proved quite a challenge, but a challenge that has now been overcome by all involved.


Construction Director and Project Manager on the project Nick Pinington said:

Credit needs to go to everyone involved in the design, manufacture, planning and erection of this steel frame on such a flagship but challenging project. Space and site constraints have been against us since the start of the project coupled with trying to handle and work through 2 designated Met Office storms Eunice and Franklin has been tough. However to get to a point where the frame is erected in place with no hiccups along the way is very rewarding. Seeing the frame now in place gives us a real idea of the size and scale of the building and we will now be pressing on with cladding the envelope and the internal fit out”.


The project is due to run until Summer 2023 but updates will be provided through this news section and across our social media platforms so keep an eye on these for progress news!