Pinington Awarded North West SME Contractor of the Year

Pinington limited have been award the coveted North West SME Contractor of the year 2016, Construction & Engineering Awards, the evaluation and award was carried out by National publication, Build.

Build is globally focused, its distributions spans a worldwide network of more than 110,000 dedicated and informed industry experts. Builds team of 8 highly experienced industry professionals, and the decision making process handled by its dedicated in-house judging panel took over 320 man-hours, during which time the teams worked closely to ensure that only the most deserving firms, departments and individuals were recognized.

Up against strong North West competition Pinington have deservedly been recognised for their proactive approach to change within their business operations and the construction industry these include, improvements to procurement, working standards and innovation, Mark Ayrton Managing Director said โ€œthis is not just an award for Pinington more importantly its for all our staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure that we are all moving forward for the betterment of the business and each other. We can only measure our commitment and results by looking at how we can improve our services to clients and the industry, its great that our peers and key decision makers in the industry have taken the time to assess how much effort, enthusiasm and commitment can be produced by even the smallest companies in our industry, we are delighted to have been awarded this recognitionโ€.